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Jade reviews: Nothing But Black

Jade reviews Nothing But Black:

Australian Gold’s Delayed Bronzer, Nothing But Black has been one of our best-selling lotions in the Outback Collection for over a year now. As someone who struggles to build a deep tan, I’ve been apprehensive about certain bronzers. So after building up a base tan using Hot!, Summer Love, and Sun Seeker, I thought it was time to give this lotion a go, and write my reviews of Nothing But Black.

The key elements that attracted me to Nothing But Black were the tattoo technology, lightweight feel, and added natural tan enhancers. However, after using this lotion, I’ve found many more reasons why people are such fans!

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Tan results

As a tanner with a Fitzpatrick skin type of 1-2, one thing I struggle with when tanning is impatience. As soon as summer hits I want a tan and I want it now. However, sadly my skin tone and natural melanin production won’t play ball on their own. Therefore, using lotion which contains natural colour boosters, and the occasional delayed bronzer is welcome to my tanning regime. When applying Nothing But Black, I already had a slight base tan from a summer holiday. I found the immediate colour was lovely, very gentle, and natural looking, which made it suitable for fairer skin tones. I also found this rid my skin of pinkish tones, turning them into a golden colour. This colour also didn’t transfer or rub off onto my clothing. 

After using both on a sunbed and layered with suncream whilst sunbathing, I found that the combination of natural colour boosters Tyrosine and dopamine (from Banana Extract) worked well with the delayed bronzer to provide me with the fast development I was expecting, whilst also encouraging a deeper natural tan too. Although deeper than my natural tan, the bronzers didn’t look unnatural. In fact, they were flattering and made me feel confident. This also left me with a very visible tan line, the depth of which I’d never developed before. 


Nothing But Black provides tanners with some gorgeous skincare. I’m a huge fan of Charcoal, so the fact that this contains Charcoal was a huge green flag for me. It helps to lift and brighten skin, and complemented the lotion’s immediate colour, for a glowing look after tanning. What’s more, native Australian desert plant extracts also provided me with a boost in hydration. As someone with dry skin, applying a Delayed Bronzer can be a concern, as there is a risk of it gathering on dry skin patches. However, by applying this, alongside a tan extender, the hydrating skincare extracts ensured a smooth application that didn’t become patchy or leave me with an uneven tan. 

This lotion also boasts some great tattoo technology. The purpose of this is to deeply hydrate skin whilst also nourishing tattoos to encourage better vibrance. With this in mind, this makes lotions containing tattoo technology a great option for both those with tattoos and those with dry skin thanks to its deep conditioning properties. 


Nothing But Black uses the Outback Collection’s signature primer technology to control its texture on the skin. Not only does this fill in fine lines for a flawless look, but it leaves skin feeling soft and matte to touch. There is no greasiness or stickiness on the skin, just a soft after feel that complements your glowy complexion. This lightweight feel makes this ideal to stock in-salon for male clients too, as it is less likely to matte body hair.


For those who love the Hemp Nation Agave and Lime Tan Extender, this is sure to be very popular, as these two products share the same great fragrance. It’s fresh, slightly fruity, and floral, but not feminine. Nothing But Black offers a clean, unisex fragrance that lasts. In fact, after spending time tanning with this lotion, I have been complemented later on during the day on my ‘perfume’, which is just Nothing But Black still on my skin! What’s more, matching the Hemp Nation Agave and Lime fragrance makes this an ideal bundle to help boost tan results, whilst ensuring that fragrances complement each other and continue that gorgeous fresh fragrance in between tanning sessions.

Would you recommend Nothing But Black?

Overall, I believe that Nothing But Black should be a staple in all tanning salons. Not only is this a great unisex option, but I found that the bronzing power in this was both effective, and not exclusive to those with a darker skin tone. As a fairer-skinned tanner, this didn’t leave me with a patchy, uneven tan, or unnatural-looking colour. Instead, it boosted my natural tan, the bronzers helped me with that faster glow that I craved but can’t achieve naturally, and left me feeling great. The feel of this lotion is gorgeous, it’s lightweight but still softens skin and leaves you looking glowy, plus as a tattooed tanner, the additional skincare provided for this is essential for both tattoo care and deeper levels of hydration for a longer-lasting glow. 

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