Australian Gold® 2021 Intensifier Kit

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Australian Gold® 2021 Intensifier Kit

New 2022 Intensifier Kit coming soon – please check back on 1st March 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

Our 2021 Intensifier Kit gives you a great taste of this year’s bestselling Iconic Collection lotions as well as two new for 2021 lotions! In this kit, you will receive 2 bottles and 10 sachets of each of the following lotions:

Accelerator™ – Our bestselling Intensifier with the globally-loved Classic CocoaDreams Fragrance

Accelerator KNew for 2021, this twist on a bestseller offers tanners carrot power! Ideal for those who love Accelerator but who are looking for a natural tanning boost.

Gelée® with Hemp – A fast-absorbing formula with a large proportion of Hemp Seed Oil. This lotion is a great option of male tanners as the fast absorption also prevents matted body hair.

Hot!® – A globally-loved bestselling Intensifier. This 20 year old lotion is loved for its Aloe Base as well as the Classic CocoaDreams Fragrance.

Hot!® Hybrid – The globally-loved bestselling Intensifier Hot!, with a red-light twist. Specially formulated for red light and hybrid sunbeds to help boost elastin and collagen production for a youthful appearance.

Party Animal™ – Antioxidant-rich Intensifier with Tattoo Protection. Wild Berries and Lavender fragrance is long-lasting and fragrant.

Rapid Tanning Intensifier – A popular Australian Gold Intensifier due to it’s smooth spreadability and Classic CocoaDreams Fragrance which makes it great not only for sunbeds but also for when outdoors with an SPF.

Sun Seeker™ – Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil are in this Intensifier to ensure smooth spreadability, top-quality hydration as well as a long-lasting glow.

PLUS 4 bottles and 20 sachets of:

Daringly DarkNew for 2021, a unisex Intensifier with colour boosting ingredients, Tyrosine and Glycerin for natural colour and also moisturisation.


By purchasing this Kit, you save £122 compared to when purchasing items separately.

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For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan!

Australian Gold is the most recognised brand of indoor tanning lotions. What’s more, the Australian Gold brand offers products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle and price point.

Dr. Alt, the original Australian Gold chemist, discovered by topically applying vitamins to the skin, the skin’s overall health and nourishment improved. On this premise, Australian Gold formulas contain advanced antioxidant vitamin therapy such as Vitamins C, E and CoQ10. Additionally, plant-derived extracts and exotic, premium moisturisers supply even more moisture and important enzymes for exceptional skin care. The results: darker, longer-lasting, golden tans and nourished, healthy-looking skin.