Australian Gold Run Wild

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Australian Gold Run Wild

Australian Gold Run Wild is a Delayed Bronzer ideal for those looking for tattoo protection and a fresh, fruity fragrance.

  • The Dark Bronzing Blend combines delayed bronzer, DHA, with a trio of Tropical Oils that enhance dark colour. Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Acai oil are all
  • What’s more, the Brilliant Desert Complex uses native Australian ingredients. These combine to help soothe and nourish for soft, touchable skin.
  • ColourGuard Plus Tattoo Technology combines Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter. This is our best tattoo protection yet and works to deeply nourish skin for great hydration and vibrant ink
  • Purrfection Finish Primer also works to fill in fine lines and skin imperfections, evening out skin tone.
  • Fruit frenzy fragrance
  • 250ml

For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan!

Australian Gold is the most recognised brand of indoor tanning lotions. What’s more, the Australian Gold brand offers products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle and price point.

Dr. Alt, the original Australian Gold chemist, discovered by topically applying vitamins to the skin, the skin’s overall health and nourishment improved. On this premise, Australian Gold formulas are filled with advanced antioxidant vitamin therapy such as Vitamins C, E and CoQ10. Additionally, plant-derived extracts and exotic, premium moisturisers supply even more moisture and important enzymes for exceptional skin care. The results: darker, longer-lasting, golden tans and nourished, healthy-looking skin.