Pollution Protection Natural Intensifier

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Swedish Beauty’s Pollution Protection Intensifier is a great choice for those with sensitive skin, looking for an enhanced natural tan. Hypoallergenic, fragrance free and no added parabens.


Swedish Beauty Botanica® Pollution Protection Intensifier

Swedish Beauty’s Pollution Protection Intensifier is a great choice for those with sensitive skin, looking for an enhanced natural tan. These products are the epitome of Swedish Beauty’s brand ethos – hypoallergenic, anti-pollution, fair-trade and organic wherever possible. What’s more, all Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold, Designer Skin and JWOWW products are cruelty-free and recyclable.

  • This Intensifier combines a Tyrosine Peptide with a Melanin Stimulator for a fast, natural glow.
  • The Pollution Protection™ Blend helps create a defensive layer over skin, helping to shield against toxins and pollutants released into the environment every day.
  • What’s more, Barrier Boost™ blends Organic Coconut Oil and Fair-Trade Certified Cocoa Butter. These ingredients melt into the skin, improving its barrier function. Additionally, this formula allows skin to rehydrate and achieve a natural balance. Cocoa Butter is also used to soothe, heal and nourish skin, for a youthful appearance.
  • Additionally, Egyptian Cucumber Seed is deeply hydrating, helping to regenerate and improve overall appearance of skin.
  • Rosemary Leaf has powerful antioxidant properties, helping to neutralise free radicals for a youthful appearance. This extract also works as a great skin conditioner.
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
  • 95% Naturally Derived and No Added Parabens for health-conscious tanners.
  • Green Breeze fragrance
  • 250ml

The idea behind Pollution Protection

Every day we expose ourselves to dirt, dust and smog in the air. This clogs pores and makes skin appear dull and lifeless. Because of this, protecting skin from these urban pollutants is more important than ever! The ingredients in the Pollution Protection formulas help skin stay bronzed and beautiful. What’s more, the Pollution Protection™ Blend defends against environmental stressors and fights signs of fatigue on the skin. Overall, this works to brighten and care for skin, ensuring it’s a in great condition, ready for tanning.

Swedish Beauty

Swedish Beauty® truly believe that what you put on your body should be just as important as what you put into it. Therefore, their lotions contain only the best ingredients for top quality performance and skincare. Carefully crafted with all skin types in mind, Swedish Beauty® only use wholesome ingredients that are sustainable, organic, natural and fair-trade wherever possible. These whole ingredients also work to improve skin’s overall appearance. What’s more, all of their lotions promise to be gluten, paraben, nut, soy and BPA free. This makes Swedish Beauty® the leader in eco tanning. To bolster this claim, Swedish Beauty® are proud to follow sustainable practice, by using recycled plastics and cardboards as well as by purchasing fairtrade, making this brand the ideal choice for the eco-conscious.