Sunbed cleaning solution – Smartclean

Trade customers only

Smartclean – Sunbed cleaning solution

  • Fast-acting, ultra-concentrated acrylic and glass cleaner for sunbeds
  • Kills bacteria, viruses as well as other funguses
  • Contains no alcohol, phenol or aldehyde which could otherwise damage your equipement
  • Safe and gentle on skin
  • Dilute 15ml to 1 litre of water!
  • Available in both 150ml and 1 litre bottles.

Did you know…

Using household cleaners on your sunbed will damage your acrylic. What’s more, this will mean that your equipment will not perform as well, will become tarnished and could end up cracking. This would result in your acrylic needing to be replaced prematurely, which would be costly to your business.

Any cleaning products containing bleach, alcohol and certain preservatives could damage your equipment. We always advise cleaning both the inside and outside of your sunbed with Smartclean to ensure to transfer onto your acrylics and resultant damage.