Sunbed Owners’ FAQs

No matter how big or small the question, our lamp and sunbed expert, Alex, has heard it all. Compiled below are some of the most frequent sunbed owners’ FAQs he answers:

What is The Sunbed Association (TSA)? Should I join this?

The Sunbed Association (TSA) is the voice of the industry for tanning salon operators, manufacturers and distributors of indoor tanning equipment. Sunbed users seek out members of TSA, where they can tan responsibly and with confidence, as this membership indicates that you practice safe and responsible tanning. The TSA has an operating code of practice, which all members must sign and agree to operate to. This allows all salons to work on an even field.

The TSA is a fantastic organisation to join as it allows you to have an voice in the industry. A membership demonstrates your dedication to the best practice of tanning to customers, law enforcement and staff alike. Being a member of The Sunbed Association also distinguishes your business in the marketplace and gives you opportunity to network with other members during TSA events throughout the year.

The easiest way to apply is via The Sunbed Association website – found here. However, if you wish to speak to someone from the TSA first you can contact them on 0844 251 2559.


How many hours have my lamps done?

The best way to check this yourself is by looking at either the sunbed’s token box or internal counter. This will allow you to keep a track on how many hours you have used your lamps for before they need changing. If you are unsure of how to get the hour readings, either speak to the supplier of your sunbeds. Alternatively, give Alex a call on our freephone.

What are 0.3 Regulations?

In 2009, new European regulations were put in place in order to protect both users and owners of sunbeds. The legislation known as 0.3 states that sunbeds’ UV irradiation must not exceed 0.3W/m2 , making its strength equate to that of the Mediterranean sun at midday. The gentle tanning process is caused by a limited output of UVB rays. Although UVB irradiation stimulates melanin in the skin, it is also the main cause of burning. This legislation reduces the risk of users burning through overexposure to UV irradiation. It also standardises the strength of UV output throughout the industry, meaning that salons are on an even playing field.

By using this strength of lamp, the tan accrued is more gentle but is deeper and lasts longer. The use of these lamps also means that users are able to spend 1.5x the amount of time on sunbeds without fear of overexposure, allowing salons to sell longer sessions safely.

To become 0.3 compliant, simply change non-compliant lamps for those which adhere to new regulations. This will make your salon exempt from fines for non-compliance with EU legislation. Cyrano offers two main brands of lamp which are 0.3, which target different price ranges. We are able to cater to all tanning needs.

What is the difference between the lamps we supply? 

Here at Cyrano, we supply three different types of UV lamp: body, high-pressure facial and spaghetti.

Body – These lamps are longer, ranging from 5ft to 7ft long and offering different wattages between 80W and 250W. The higher the wattage, the stronger the UVA emitted from the lamps.

High-pressure facial – As described by their title, these lamps are designed for facial tanning and have a very high wattage, spanning anywhere from 400W to 1500W. These are the smallest lamps, averaging out at about 10cm. HPFs are usually paired with the smaller body lamps, meaning your body and face are tanned by different tubes.

Spaghetti – typically 30cm long, these lamps are another form of facial lamp however are much softer than High-Pressure Facials. These lamps emit either 15W or 25W of UVA and are usually paired with longer body lamps. The spaghetti lamps join the body lamps to tan your face, replacing the HPFs.

TIP: When looking at purchasing lamps, there are three main variables which should always be considered:

  1. Price
  2. Power output (UVA) – this is measured in Milliwatts (MW) which describe the power of UVA irradiation in lamps
  3. Lifetime (hours)

Cyrano supply two main brands of lamp which vary in all three of the aforementioned variables:

Pyrotechnix – our mid-range brand of lamp has an output of 40MW with a lifespan of roughly 800 hours.

PK – our top range tube emits 51MW and has a lifetime of 1000 hours, meaning that although these lamps cost a bit more, they last for longer and have a higher strength of UVA.

How do I get rid of used tubes? is a great website which oversees the waste recycling of all types of lamp. The best thing to do is click on the ‘Free Recycling’ button on their homepage and search collection points. From here, enter your postcode and you shall be shown the closest places which accept used lamps, filtered by use (commercial or otherwise).

What is Cyrano’s minimum lamp order?

For body lamps, there is a minimum order of 10 tubes, however for high-pressure facial and spaghetti, there is no minimum order number.

TIP: Although we offer a next-day delivery service for lamp orders, we advise that these are ordered further in advance to the time that they need to be installed to allow for possible courier issues.

I can’t work out what make my Sunbed is, how do I find this out?

On the whole, many sunbeds will have a sticker with their logo on. However if this isn’t the case, we recommend you to:

  • write down / take a photo of what is on the end of a lamp tube and send this to us.
  • count the number of lamps in your sunbed.
  • simply send a photo of your sunbed to us so that we can see it for ourselves!

TIP: When swapping tubes, we recommend to also swap starters as well. These are the tools which allow your lamps to work, however their lifetime is similar to that of your tubes and so should be change accordingly to prevent more frequent services of machines.

Why do acrylics needs to be cleaned so frequently?

Aside from the obvious hygiene reason, and need to clean off products from previous clients, overtime the acrylics break down from the UV irradiation. Cleaning delays acrylics from breaking down so quickly. Sunbeds must be checked after every use to ensure that they are clean and ready to use for the next customer.

What is sunbed water and do I need it?

Some sunbeds have additional features to just offering controlled UV exposure. For example, certain makes of bed offer a mist / spray to be present during the tanning process, cooling down the user whilst they tan. The sunbed water is something which must be purchased to keep the cooling sprays topped up else this feature is void. This is a feature that cannot normally be added to a bed, but is an element of the sunbed’s design and thus would be highlighted at the time of purchase.

If you have any questions regarding sunbeds, please don’t hesitate to contact is via phone: 0808 108 7778 or by emailing: