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Make the most of your salon’s social media

As we move into the next stage of lockdown and prepare to invite our clients back into our salons with open (but socially distanced) arms, the question of keeping in contact easily has never seemed so important. In the age of social media, it’s time to ensure that you are using your platforms not only as a way for your customer to get in touch with you, but as a means to engage with them and create a two-way bridge of communication. We have compiled some top tips to help with your salon’s social media content over the coming weeks.

Ensure your posts are relevant for your customers

One of the most frequent faux-pas is for your content not to appeal and attract your customers. Not only could a lack of relevant content weaken an organisation’s identity, but it could mean a customer won’t be able to relate to your salon or may not keep up-to-date with your feeds.

A way to try and hone your feeds and ensure they are in line with the services and products you provide, as well as the industry you are a part of, is to check to see if your posts fit into the criteria of ‘education’.

Education doesn’t mean just sharing bland facts. Education can cover every aspect of your business and tanning, such as:

  • Tanning tips
  • Facts on vitamin D, UVA and UVB
  • New products that have come in 
  • Reasons why people tan
  • What future plans you have for your salon and what this will mean for your clients
  • What treatments you will have available
  • Clients’ results that have been built at your salon

Education covers all content you could share that may inform, interest or empower your clients.

What are you doing in reaction to the current climate?

As we look at coming out of lockdown and welcoming people into salons, we must take into account our clients’ concerns, namely, what your plans are for reopening, cleaning and social distancing. Sharing this in advance and throughout the coming weeks demonstrates your care and may help to instil confidence in your organisation.

  • Share images of products that you are using to cleanse and disinfect
  • Add videos of your team cleaning rooms and beds – not only does this show your cleaning process in action but it adds a friendly face to your posts and organisation
  • Update people on your planned policies for reopening and pin them to the top of your page for easy access to important information

Bring the salon to your clients

Now that contact and face-to-face communication between client and staff is limited, it’s time to bring the salon, and what you can provide, directly to your clients! Not only will this be a way of breaking down the barrier of social distancing and maintain that element of customer care and friendship, but this can also inform both new and regular clients of all the different products are services you can provide.

  • Show and tell videos – sharing with your clients the different products you have as well as their features AND benefits
  • Encourage curiosity with Facebook and Instagram lives / videos where you answer FAQs
  • Show off customer and staff results to put a smiley face at the front of the business and prove the quality of your service
  • Demonstrations on how to apply different lotions / eye protection / use your sunbeds to inform and give clients confidence
  • Carry on sharing the welcoming feel of your salon via your social media to prolong the feeling of calm, comfort and friendliness

Make yourself instantly recognisable

Branding your salon’s social media posts either with a consistent colour scheme, theme or your logo helps create an image that is recognisable for your clients.

Why not try Adobe Spark ? A free, easy-to-use platform which helps with imagery and social media graphics. Free templates are provided which can then be amended and edited to suit your needs. What’s more you can also upload your own content for unique content creation.

Take the pressure off

One of the main reasons cited for social media being a hindrance more than an asset is the feeling of it being a constant pressure, and the lack of time available to frequently upload relevant posts. However, there are apps and websites which offer a means of scheduling posts. This means you have more freedom to pre-plan your content and can proactive rather than reactive with your posts.

Hootsuite offers a free service that allows you to schedule up to 30 posts over three different social media channels, providing you with more freedom and the ability to reflect on what you want to convey to your clients.