Mia reviews Accelerator K tanning lotion

Mia reviews: Accelerator K

Mia reviews Intensifier, Accelerator K

For the past year, Accelerator K has been one of our most popular, bestselling tanning lotions. As someone new to the team, I wanted to find out why. Launched in 2021, Accelerator K took inspiration from 30-year bestseller and classic salon go-to, Accelerator. However, this also provides tanners with added, enhanced skincare twists.

During the winter, I usually tan once or twice a week. This gives my skin a boost and prevents it from looking dull and tired. According to the Fitzpatrick Scale, my skin type is a 3 – 4. This means I naturally tan quickly and deeply, with a low risk of overexposure or burning. However, even with my natural tanning ability, after using Accelerator K for the past week, all I can say is: WOW! I don’t know how I haven’t used this gorgeous lotion sooner!

"Even with my natural tanning ability (skin type 3 - 4), after using Accelerator K for the past week, all I can say is: WOW! I don’t know how I haven’t used this gorgeous lotion sooner!"

Applying Accelerator K

When first applying this lotion, it really surprised me that, although this lotion has a creamy consistency, a little really goes a long way. this is also absorbed rapidly, ensuring a lightweight, soothing feel. What’s more, whilst boasting all of the popular elements of Accelerator, Accelerator K also contains further tan-boosting ingredients; Carrot oil, carrot water, and carrot root. These are all rich in Beta Carotene which works to enhance your natural tan easily; so this lotion is perfect for those who love Accelerator but want deeper, natural results faster! 


After my tanning session with this Intensifier, my results were immediate! My tan development was clearly visible around my knicker line, demonstrating that Accelerator K’s Beta Carotene boost has given me instant results over one session, proving that this tanning lotion truly works wonders. Alongside this, the use of premium skincare ingredients, such as Kakadu Plum worked to soften and nourish my skin, whilst also working to brighten my skin further. 

Overall, I couldn’t recommend this lotion enough. It’s deep hydrating, works to enhance your tan more deeply than classic go-to Accelerator, and remains a cost-effective option for tanners. I would recommend this for tanners who are looking to build a natural base tan, maintain their colour, or for layering with sun cream when outdoors to boost results developed whilst sunbathing, for fast, natural results!

To summarise, here are some of the reasons why I would recommend this lotion:

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