Sunbed Water / Aqua

Trade customers only

Cyrano’s own sunbed water is suitable for megaSun, Hapro and Ergoline beds for a fine, refreshing mist during tanning sessions.

Sunbed Water / Aqua

We have developed Cyrano’s line of Sunbed Water with our European partners to being you the best cool breeze Sunbed Aqua. The sunbed will produce a fine mist during tanning sessions. This ensures tanners feel refreshed and revitalised. What’s more, this is especially attractive during warmer weather.

10 litre solution is ready to use. Available for install directly into megaSun by KBL sunbeds, and also as a top up for the 5 litre version on VDL Hapro and Ergoline sunbeds.

Highly effective active oxygen-based aquatridest. This is specially adapted for sunbed use. This Cyrano exclusive is comparable to original MegaSun AquaCool, Ergoline Aqua Fresh and also Hapro QSENS.

Laboratory tested to ensure safe use in salon.

Note: You must not use tap water in lieu of specially designed sunbed water. This could seriously damage your equipment, and also block the spray misters with scale.