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Sunbed lamps – learn the basics

Here at Cyrano, the new year brings a wave of new installations and retubes of sunbed lamps. However this is also accompanied by many questions regarding what lamps we supply as well as the difference between different tubes. So it’s time to shed light on some UV lamp basics.

When looking at purchasing sunbed lamps, there are three main variables which should always be considered:

  1. Price. – Although some lamps can initially cost more than others, if you are looking for a lamp with a long lifetime, a more expensive lamp can work out more cost effective in the long run. The best thing to do in this case, is speak to our lamp expert, Alex, as he can advise you on what price range would suit your business best.
  2. Power output (UVA). – This is measured in Milliwatts (MW) which describe the power of UVA irradiation in lamps.
  3. Lifetime (hours).


We supply three different types of UV lamp: body, high-pressure facial and spaghetti.

Body– These lamps are longer, ranging from 5ft to 7ft long and offering different wattages between 80W and 250W. The higher the wattage, the stronger the UVA emitted from the lamps.

High-pressure facial (HPF)– As described by their title, these lamps are designed for facial tanning and have a very high wattage, spanning anywhere from 400W to 1500W. These are the smallest lamps, averaging out at 10cm. HPFs are usually paired with the smaller body lamps, meaning your body and face are tanned by different tubes. 

Spaghetti– typically 30cm long, these lamps are another form of facial lamp however are much softer than High-Pressure Facials. These lamps emit a between 15W and 25W of UVA and are usually paired with longer body lamps. The spaghetti lamps join the body lamps to tan your face, replacing the HPFs.


Cyrano supplies four main brands of lamp:

Our main brands vary in price, power output of UVA and lifetime. Therefore if you are unsure which type of lamp would suit your sunbeds best, we recommend you contact us so that we can recommend the ideal lamps for you.

Pyrotechnix – our mid-range brand of lamp has an output of 40MW with a lifespan of roughly 800 hours

PK – our top range tube emits 51MW and has a lifetime of 1000 hours, meaning that although these lamps cost more, they last for longer and have a higher strength of UVA.

Cosmedico – For over 45 years, the Cosmedico brand has helped to shape the tanning industry, with innovative products that gain the recognition and trust of millions of users around the world. Cosmedico is known for promising the highest quality in tan results. 160W – 180W available with 1000 hour lifetime.

Rainbow Tanning – Rainbow, as a part of UV Power’s expanding range, offers tanners not only an aesthetically pleasing session. This also allows clients to benefit from different UV spectrums; UVA, UVA, Red light, yellow light, green light and blue light. 160W – 180W available, all with a 800 hour lifetime. 


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Our exclusive rainbow beds!

We are also the exclusive UK supplier of megaSun’s rainbow sunbeds. This bed harnesses the power of four different colour spectrums to provide an even tan, relaxed, healthy skin and a flawless, fresh complexion. For more information on this sunbed and the benefits of the different light spectrums, click here.

We shall also be supplying UV-Power’s sunbed lamps so that you can retube your rainbow.


How do I get rid of used tubes? is a great website which oversees the waste recycling of all types of lamp. The best thing to do is click on the ‘Free Recycling’ button on their homepage and search collection points. From here, enter your postcode and you shall be shown the closest places which accept used lamps, filtered by use (commercial or otherwise).


If you have any other questions about sunbed lamps or maintenance, feel free to contact us.