new megasun k series

Cyrano gets first look at brand new megaSun K series!

To support our supplier, megaSun by KBL’s latest product series launch, our Director, Simon visited their world premiere in Munich to check out the new megaSun K range. 

Combining their signature SunSphere technology, with these gorgeous brand new designs of sunbed, we look forward to bringing these to the UK for you in the coming months.

Initially introduced for the P9S range, SunSphere works to boost your glow on hard-to-tan areas. This focuses on the face, shoulders and legs. 

This innovative LED-based system combines and harnesses the power of light wavelengths designed for tanning. This also boasts megaSun’s signature red LED beauty boosters to stimulate collagen production. Not only does this prevent the emissions of unwanted infra-red radiation, lessening the possibility of tense skin after tanning, but the LEDs also help to reduce your energy consumption

More details on the new megaSun K series to follow.