megaSun P9S

Based on the motto “Sunshine meets design”, KBL, in cooperation with the Studio F. A. Porsche, has introduced a new era of solarium design with the P9. However, with introduction of the P9S, KBL is now setting new standards in UV-technology for the face and décolleté. Earlier UV-systems generate unwanted heat during a tanning session, as a result of infra-red radiation, which often leads to reddened or tense skin after sunbathing.

The P9S’s innovative LED-based SunSphere system avoids this unwanted infra-red radiation and only uses the wavelengths desired during tanning. Blue UVA LEDs guarantee excellent direct pigmentation for an even tan. Red beauty LEDs provide skincare while tanning. Yellow UVB special lamps provide a dose of vitamin D. 

The perfect spectral combination for incomparable tanning. In addition, the new SunSphere system offers a consistently high LED output, makes high pressure bulb changes unnecessary and drastically reduces power consumption.

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megaSun P9S designed with Studio F. A. Porsche

megaSun P9S ‘s new tanning technology, SunSphere, promises for incomparable tanning results. This also helps to reduce your energy consumption thanks to its powerful LEDs. SunSphere is an added extra that comes with all four available UV tanning spectrums (see Power of Choice)

Sunsphere Facials

UVA LEDs – A beautiful tan just the way you like it. 140 blue UVA LEDs guarantee a gorgeous golden sunkiss for the face and décolleté.

UVB SPECIAL LAMPS – The perfectly balanced output from three yellow UVB special lamps builds up new colour pigments and vitamin D

BEAUTY LEDs – With 56 red Beauty LEDs, the P9S provides skincare for the face and décolleté while tanning. These also stimulate oxygen supply in the skin for a beautiful complexion and silky smooth skin.

Sunsphere Shoulder Tanners

The new SunSphere system consists high-performance LEDs as well as aspherical glass lenses on the shoulder area, guaranteeing a beautiful, even complexion. The integrated sound system ensures a brilliant sound experience. And a voice assistant guides through the operating functions.

Sunsphere Leg Tanners

Ideal for an extra-beautiful tan of insteps and shins, the P9S uses special SunSphere components as a world first. Two groups, each with five angled UVA LEDs as well as aspherical glass lenses, guarantee excellent tanning results.


Smart Control

Our Intelligent Control System has a new look. Video clips introduce the P9S to your customers and also point out the adjustable comfort features. Ahead of a session, tanners can select their personal preferences via the intuitive touch display. The operator also has comfortable access to all important maintenance and service settings here. Additionally, studio operators can import customised video clips with advertising messages.

Breathe, relax, enjoy

Air conditioning works for an optimal climate during tanning. What’s more, Aqua Cool offers a revitalising water mist, promising for a pleasant, refreshing experience. Aroma adds fragrance to the air, offering a soothing scent. Enjoy your tanning session, and relax.

Totally wireless

Wireless charging for all suitable smartphones is a perfect addition alongside the Bluetooth function. Customers simply place the device on the corresponding icon and the smartphone immediately starts charging during the tanning session, without any annoying cables!

Available in three colours: 

Power of Choice:

megasun p9s hybridsun sunbed

megasun p9s extrasun sunbed

megasun p9s smartsun sunbed

megasun p9s beautysun sunbed

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