megaSun Sunbeds by KBL

Premium sunbeds, technical perfection

KBL have been building industry-leading, megaSun sunbeds in Germany since 1993. For over 20 years the UK tanning industry has used megaSun sunbeds, praising them for their customer-centric approach to designing and building equipment.

Revolutionary visions, perfect technology and outstanding design made in Germany – there is no better combination. KBL develops innovative sunbeds, manufactures and establishes them successfully in the markets worldwide. At its headquarter in central Germany, KBL offers a wide range of sunbeds and Collariums® – a portfolio unmatched by any other manufacturer in this industry sector.

KBL believes that its success comes from following their dream. Dreams spur on creativity and goal-setting, creating revolutionary visions for the tanning industry. A vision is thus a preliminary stage towards drawing up plans for action. Outstanding employees, perseverance and discipline allow them to achieve their world-leading goals.


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