megaSun Space 3000 by KBL

Listen to your gut feeling and dive into the mesmerizing design of the megaSun Tower space 3000. High gloss white lacquered fronts enhance the lighting and display fascinating lighting effects.

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megaSun Space 3000 by KBL

The Space 3000 is characterised by a perfect equipment, including 52 Longlife tubes for an attractive complexion. The invisibly integrated exhaust air system ensures a noiseless and relaxing tanning session.

megaSun Space 3000 PureCollagen by KBL

What makes the Collarium® Tower remarkable is the specially developed Collagen-Plus Tubes through which the skin regains its elasticity and moisture. The optional UV tanning gives the skin a fresh complexion and an extra amount of Vitamin D.


However, not only does the 3000 excel in terms of its performance and aesthetics, but also in its ease of use and maintenance. It has been designed and manufactured so that maintenance and services can be easily carried out. The acrylics are simple to open as well, by the unique aluminium click system for maintenance like cleaning and replacing tubes. On the outside, dust filters are cleaned quickly.