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Commercial sunbeds

Do you have a salon, spa, gym or hotel and are looking for tanning sunbeds for your customers? Here at Cyrano we stock a variety of commerical sunbeds here in the UK, to meet your needs. We are official importers and partners of the world’s best sunbed manufacturers, including MegaSun by KBL and Luxura by Hapro. 

If you are looking for brand new lay-down or vertical commercial equipment, you can find our range of new sunbeds here. If you are looking for a more affordable option, we also offer commercial sunbeds for hire and have some second-hand equipment in stock. 

What to consider when buying a sunbed

Space available

Sunbeds come in all shape and sizes, and it is important to map out what space you have.


Sunbeds get hot and generally, require some sort of ventilation system to keep your building cool.

Electric supply

In order to run commercial sunbeds you must ensure your building has a phase 3 electric supply.

Megasun Sunbeds

Hapro Luxura Sunbeds


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If you would like to learn more about purchasing a sunbed for your business from Cyrano, please fill out the following form or call us on 0808 108 7778.