megaSun 7800

megaSun 7800

The 7800 series embodies contemporary style and follows the principle of sensual clarity – all with astonishing ease.

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The megaSun 7800 series embodies contemporary style and follows the principle of sensual clarity – all with astonishing ease.

Intuitive Interface

The megaSun 7800 menu layout in the 12-inch touch display offers a clear choice of all pre-adjustable functions. So now your customers can choose “their” sun, e.g. “Basic”, “Mediterranean” or “Caribbean”. Additionally, there are options for ventilation, aroma and many more features. What’s more the service layer offers very comfortable control of all system settings of the sunbed for the user.

Efficiency by Simplification

For a quick overview of the display, all functions are presented individually in both words and pictures. Operation is similar to a smart phone or tablet. Therefore, you have very comfortable and uncomplicated on-site access to all essential data and can control individual features directly.

Hybrid Technology

This technology intelligently combines the best from different light worlds. 70 HyperRed beauty Boosters regulate the skin’s moisture level and stimulate the natural production of collagen – the number one anti–ageing remedy. The result: Fines lines disappear and the skin appears firmer and youthfully fresh.

7800 hybridSun: pureSunlight is combined with smartSunlight lamps. This ensures not only an intensive tan and the production of melanin and vitamin D, but also silky skin and a perfect, blemish-free complexion.

7800 smartSun: smartSunlight lamps combine the power of four spectral ranges to provide you with a beautiful, intensive tan; support the production of vitamin D and stimulation of collagen as well as give you a fresh and healthy skin tone.

7800 extraSun: the new model ensures an extravagant tanning experience. pureSunlight and extraSunlight lamps provide intense sunlight with a higher percentage of UVB for increased pigment development and vitamin D production.

7800 beautySun: a real highlight for the face and shoulder area. The revolutionary Smart Light Technology combines sunlight and soothing beauty light in one high performing facial tanner.

megasun 7800 uv variants


Not only does the 7800 excel in terms of its performance and aesthetics, but also in its ease of use and maintenance. The design also ensures easy maintenance and services. The acrylics are simple to open as well, thanks to the unique aluminium click system. Dust filters are easy to clean and access.


Dimensions closed: 2,384 mm x 1,431 mm x 1,539 mm

Dimensions open: 2,384 mm x 1,431 mm x 2,038 mm

Lamps: 50 x lamps, 4 x pure Facials, 2 x Shoulder tanners


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