megaSun PureEnergy 5.0 by KBL

megasun pureENERGYmegasun pureENERGY
megasun pureENERGYmegasun pureENERGY

megaSun PureEnergy 5.0 by KBL

The pureEnergy 5.0 gleams precious like a pearl and presents any colour you like – thanks to colorMotion with or without chan- ge of colour and in the preferred bright- ness or speed.

Just a quick glance and emotions are released.

By only one click sadness turns into pure joy. More colour is not possible!

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Our towers build really their own world of solariums. They provide all opportunities which you can expect from a modern solarium and are particularly space-saving.

The new megaSun Tower pureEnergy 5.0 offers a combination of unprecedented, exclusive characteristics. Ultimate tanning results by maxium power for users and, at the same time, reduction of energy consumption and heat development for operators. Performance up – energy costs down! By up to incredible 36%!

The currently most sophisticated control system for a stand-up sunbed – KBL 7 control – makes it possible. The ergonomic arrangement of grab handles inside the tower makes standing, while tanning, comfortable and provides an even all-around tan! And those who want to boost their fitness at the same time can use vibraNano for a short but effective training of abdomen, legs and bottom.

Unparalleled design highlights such as the transparent acrylic ceiling, which illuminates the inside of the tower with graphic ornaments , or the appealing front create an atmosphere never seen before which will turn heads. Both design elements are available in the new design colour concept colorMotion and will make your studio a real eye-catcher.


However, not only does the PureEnergy 5.0 excel in terms of its performance and aesthetics, but also in its ease of use and maintenance. It has been designed and manufactured so that maintenance and services can be easily carried out. The acrylics are simple to open as well, by the unique aluminium click system for maintenance like cleaning and replacing tubes. On the outside, dust filters are cleaned quickly.