megaSun 6700 Alpha by KBL

megaSun 6700 alpha business

The 6700 alpha business provides the maximum of technology, comfort and first class at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. This is luxury at a price made for starters!

The serially equipped Bluetooth feature promises high-end technology at a low price and a touch of luxury and individuality. Ingeniously simple – simply ingenious. Thanks to only one click your individual playlist on your smartphone is played via the high-performance boxes of the sunbed. Those who opt for quality opt for megaSun and those who want the maximum at a price made for starters should choose the 6700 alpha business.


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megaSun  6700 Alpha

Spacious, dynamic and easy to use, the Megasun 6700 alpha is a stunning addition to any salon. Dynamic LEDs, mounted on the front panel, welcome your client with a specifically chosen range of colours. These enhance the refined details of this beautiful piece of equipment. What’s more, with 26 lamps in the canopy including 2 p2 tubes, 16 in the base and 4 dedicated facial tanners, the 6700 is an exceptionally competitive unit.

Additionally, the inclusion of 2 p2 Vitamin D tubes creates a truly effective tanning experience that goes beyond building a gorgeous tan. These tubes emit a UV spectrum which directly encourages the production of Vitamin D. This in turn promotes health and wellbeing.


PreSelection: User-friendly display mounted outside the solarium to personalise your session.

Easy Control: Easy-to-use operation of all key functions during the tanning session. Clearly structured and intuitive.

Facial System (4 Facial tanners): Facial tanner with specially coated filter discs and glass reflectors. Maximum tanning comfort for face and décolleté.

Beauty Booster HyperRed: Ideal for helping boost tanners results whilst also encouraging collagen stimulation for a youthful appearance.

Xtra Tan: Even, intensive tanning in the shoulder area through modern high-pressure systems.

AirCondition: The high-performance air conditioner guarantees a pleasant cooling sensation during the tanning session.

MegaVoice: A pleasant voice guides quickly and easily through the solarium‘s operating functions.

AquaCool: Refreshing and revitalizing water mist from two special, drip-free jets.

Aroma: The air can also be aromatized during tanning on request.

Sound System: For an excellent sound experience.

Bluetooth: Simply connect the smartphone with the solarium via Bluetooth, and listen to a personal playlist while tanning.

ColorMotion: Innovative LED technology allows you to choose your favourite colour with a touch remote control to change your sunbed’s appearance.


Not only does the 6700 excel in terms of its performance and aesthetics, but also in its ease of use and maintenance. The design ensures easy maintenance and services. The acrylics are simple to open as well, thanks to the unique aluminium click system. Dust filters are also easy to clean and access.


For more information, have a look at the KBL megaSun 6700 Sunbed manual. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.


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