Mia reviews aloemate and facemates

Mia reviews: Facemate and Aloemate

Since being introduced to, and trialing the Aloemate and Facemate towelettes, I’ll never tan without these again! The wipes are a personal favourite for helping me achieve a darker, longer-lasting facial tan.

Did you know that many people don’t prepare their skin before tanning? In fact, just going for a tanning session without any preparation can leave clients with lots of questions: “Why am I not getting a deeper colour?” Or, “Why isn’t my face tanning as easily?”. This can be caused by dead skin cells or makeup residue left on the surface of your skin whilst tanning. Dead skin cells reflect UV light resulting in an uneven tan. Plus makeup can block pores causing unwanted spots. The use of a Facemate towelette before tanning helps to cleanse skin, prevent breakouts and encourage deeper tan results. Therefore, from now on, these towelettes are my life-savers! Simply wipe the towel over the face and neck to, ready for your tanning lotion to go over the top.
From my time using the Facemate and Aloemates, I discovered that the Facemates not only cleanse your skin and give you an instant glow. The Aloemates also have an added boost of DermaDark®. This promotes an ongoing golden hue without the need for UV light. Ideal for those who don’t like facial tanners! This meant that I would also use the Aloemates outside of my tanning sessions too – DermaDark® doesn’t rely on UV light to encourage your natural tan, so by using these in between tanning, it really helped prolong my tan! 
Personally, these towelettes have made it easier for my face to achieve a darker, glowing tan and improved my complexion. Furthermore, these handy little towelettes have a subtle yet fresh fragrance and are gentle on the skin, making sure not to cause any irritations. I would recommend the Facemate and Aloemates to tanners who struggle to maintain the tan on their faces! These should be the ultimate upsell for salons!

My step by step guide for using the Facemate and Aloemate towelettes:

  1. Cleanse your face using the Facemate towelette to remove all cosmetics before tanning and condition skin.
  2. Use your Aloemate towelette for added DermaDark® and skincare to boost tan results.
  3. Apply your facial tanning lotion
  4. Apply your body tanning lotion, lay back, and relax!