Mia reviews hemp nation white peach and hibiscus

Mia Reviews: Hemp Nation White Peach & Hibiscus Tan Extender


I’m sad to say I’ve come to the end of my Hemp Nation White Peach & Hibiscus Tan Extender. However I can happily say it does wonders to your skin! It really has some incredible skincare ingredients!

This gorgeous, 24-hour moisturiser is a beautiful light pink colour with an amazingly fresh and fruity fragrance that lasts all day. When applied, it has a luxurious, velvety feel which absorbs quickly. It doesn’t leave a sticky, thick or heavy after-feel. I would typically use this daily, in the mornings, after showers, and before bed, leaving my skin undeniably soft and smooth – which is perfect during the winter as it alleviates the dry skin on my elbows and legs. It’s true to say that a little goes a long way! 

Although all of the Hemp Nations benefit from the same, luxurious and super-hydrating base, each one has a hero ingredient. In this case, the Hemp Nation White Peach & Hibiscus Blend provides powerful antioxidants that help to rejuvenate and nourish. For someone who has a dull complexion during winter, typically when I first wake up, using the White Peach & Hibiscus Tan Extender really did help to brighten my appearance! 


Furthermore, as someone who tans using sunbeds, and loves having glowing skin year-round, this Tan Extender really does do its job in prolonging the life of your tan. It also worked to keep my skin hydrated so that UV light is not reflected, ultimately boosting my future tan results! 

If you are someone concerned about getting value for your money, I can assure you that the Hemp Nation line itself is worth it. This bottle alone has lasted me almost 6 months and has improved my overall skin condition. I will definitely be using the Hemp Nation line for the foreseeable future!