Luxura V6

Luxura V6 is the new vertical tanning bed with a fresh, up-to-date design that comes in beautiful Crystal White colour. For a more exiting look, choose one out of three fashionable second colours to underline the high end finishing of the V6. The Luxura V6 is the perfect model for everybody who wants to expand their services with professional tanning.

Luxura V6

The Luxura V6 is the perfect entry-level, vertical tanning unit for those looking to expand their services with professional tanning. The V6 comes in a beautiful Crystal White colour, alongside three fashionable accent colours to pick from: aqua, pink, or gold. If you fancy something even more fashionable, there is also the Glamour Edition, in which the V6 is also showered from top to bottom in beautiful rhinestones. With easy-to-open, space-saving doors that allow the V6 to fit in tight spaces, and a user friendly touch screen that allows tanners to navigate tanning settings with ease, the V6 is the ideal tanning booth for your new tanning salon.

The Luxura V6 is the perfect model for everybody who wants to expand their services with professional tanning. What’s more, the lovely design comes with smooth opening double doors with space saving small turning circles. Another highlight: the inside control panel has a clear, user friendly touch screen to navigate through the personal tanning settings. Additionally, the lovely standby light enlightens the unit between tanning sessions. Inviting customers to enter the V6 and leaving nobody in the dark after the tanning session has ended.


Maintenance was never this easy, thanks to the clever solutions in the Luxura V6.

  • Easy replacement of tubes
  • Simple cleaning of acrylics
  • Fast and easy access to all electronic components
  • Easy refilling of Xsens cartridges and Qsens container

For more information, have a look at the Luxura by Hapro V6 Sunbed manual. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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