Luxura X5

The Luxura X5’s pioneering design and impressive tanning results makes this an ideal entry to premium tanning in this product segment. It comes standard with a wide range of features and can be boosted to an even higher-performing product by simply adding extra features.

Luxura X5

The Luxura X5’s pioneering design and impressive tanning results makes this an ideal entry into the premium, commercial tanning market. It comes standard with a great range of features and can be also boosted to an even higher performance by simply adding extra features. The X5 has 34 tubes and is available with four tube variants in Crystal White. No doubt about it, this sunbed is an all-round talent which, thanks to the design and decorative lighting, will attract your customers’ attention.


  • Full colour display: Discover the stylish full colour display. It’s eye-catching and makes you want to navigate through its options at once.
  • Smooth, stylish design is easy to use with truly intuitive handling
  • Smart Touch menu with easily understandable icons makes this simple to use for both staff and customers
  • In easy reach on the inside of the canopy for ease of use during tanning sessions and well-protected by the acrylics
  • Very bright display is easy to read, both with and without eye protection
  • Face cooler: A separate face cooler makes the cooling sensation complete. The CliMax feature delivers air-conditioned air to the face area. The directions of the face cooler are also easily adjustable. The body and face coolers are separately adjustable by 8 different power levels.
  • Ambient FlowLight: This feature provides a beautiful colour effect on the Luxura X5’s Front panel.
  • Smart cooling system 
  • SoundAround Plus: This includes My MP3, allowing tanners to listen to music channels or a personal playlist
  • With Xsens III: Three different fragrances can be put at the sunbather’s disposal. The client can choose an aroma at the start of the session and can switch while tanning. Different delightful scents: Ocean, Blossom and Sandalwood


Like the rest of the Luxura by Hapro range, the X5 design ensures owner-friendly maintenance. Luxura X5 promises easy service and maintenance that can be carried out by any employee.

  • Easy replacement of tubes or high pressure lamps
  • This is also easy to clean
  • Easy refilling of Xsens cartridges and Qsens reservoir
  • It is easy to empty the Aircon reservoir
  • Easy cleaning and changing of dust filters

Optional extra features available

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