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Why Hemp Nation is a good choice for your salon

Why the Hemp Nation range may be a good choice for your salon


As the summer season winds down and autumn begins, now is the time to start reflecting on what you are stocking for your clients.

Are you providing the right combination to extend your season for as long as possible?

Is your offering encouraging clients to revisit your salon?

We’re all aware that as the weather worsens, visits to the salon can also become less frequent. We need to make sure we look at our products through our clients’ eyes to ensure our supply is ideal to continually meet their needs!


Change in seasons = change in skin condition

hemp nation collection australian gold cyrano ltd

As Autumn rolls in, so do the jumpers, the speciality lattes and gravy dinners. However, unfortunately so does the cold air. Not only does this affect customers’ behaviour towards tanning, but it also affects skin condition. Customers may stop viewing your salon as a means to help boost their tan results and glow throughout the summer. Instead, they may view you as a place to warm their bones, give them a boost, or treat themselves to some “me time”. What’s more, no matter the behaviour change, you may also note a decrease in visits. Not only does this mean that salons are quieter, but it also means that every sale counts. 

What’s more, with the change in the air, and customers not applying lotions (including sun cream, which can be hydrating) as regularly, skin becomes drier. This can negatively affect tan results and ultimately make clients less inclined to visit if they’re not achieving the glow they’re hoping for. 

So what can we do to help this? Above we have identified two problems here: 

1. Less perceived reason to visit your salon

2. Customers starting to feel the effects of winter on the skin. 

These are both great opportunities to reach out to customers and satisfy needs that they may not have even identified yet!

A great way to address both issues is by introducing our Hemp Nation collection in-salon. Not only does this introduce a new line of products for possible year-round sales, but the variety of products means that you have the freedom to change your stock frequently for a fresh take on the line whenever you like! Additionally, our Tan Extenders can be deemed as seasonally appropriate given the climate change, allowing you to promote them in-salon for the following reasons:

The incorporation of a Hemp Nation Tan Extender in salon is a great opportunity to create bundles and make added-value sales

 Adding value, rather than discounting, is a great way to encourage an increase in sales or salon visits whilst still remaining competitive, ensuring products hold their perceived value and not causing customers to keep waiting for the next discount. What’s more, once customers convert to using a Hemp Nation Tan Extender, these regularly become year-round purchases with extra being purchased during the festive period as gifts. This is thanks to Hemp Nation’s worldwide popularity, reliable quality and clear results.

What is so great about the Hemp Nation line?

Australian Gold®’s signature line of Hemp Nation Tan Extenders is the ideal choice for promoting to clients outside of their tanning session. These 24-hour moisturisers are designed by tanners for tanners. With all ingredients working to protect, nourish and repair skin, Hemp Nation works for the longest-lasting tan possible.

All Hemp Nation Tan Extenders have hero ingredients that provide different skincare benefits. However, they all benefit from the same, luxurious and super-hydrating base:

• Hydrating Complex: Pure Hemp Seed Oil blends with Moisture Melt and Silicone. These offer easy spreadability and fast absorption. This also helps to strengthen skin and to prevent water loss. The hydrating barrier is applied to the skin for longer-lasting moisturisation.

• HydraRich Blend: This powerful combination of Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Glycerin has excellent conditioning properties. These also protect and attract water to the skin to keep it hydrated longer.

• Age-Defying Blend: Super fusion of Vitamin A, which protects against external aggressors; Vitamin B3, known to balance uneven skin tone; Vitamin E, which helps protect skin from harmful environmental pollutants; and Soft Focus Microspheres- small particles that impart a silky texture to the lotion and provide skin blurring effects, helping diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Alongside these, each Hemp Nation’s fragrance, colour and hero ingredients differ, providing you with different Tan Extenders to suit different promotions, events and times of the year.