Moisturisers and Tan Extenders

Check out Cyrano Ltd’s range of Moisturisers, Tan Extenders and other After Tan products from world leading brands, such as Australian Gold and Designer Skin!

After Tan products are a great upsell for those looking to enhance their client’s results.

Moisturisers promises for deeper hydration. This prevents skin from shedding as quickly. Therefore, this ensures cells remain in good condition for a longer lasting, even glow.

Tan Extenders are moisturisers designed specifically with tanning in mind. These do not contain any ingredients which would dry out skin or strip a tan. What’s more, these feed, nourish and repair skin thanks to the powerful skincare goodies.

Body washes are there to replace the high street shower gels. These work to prevent hot water, alcohols (in high street brands) or preservatives from drying out skin. Dry skin not only sheds skin quicker, for an uneven tan, but it also results in slower, duller future tan results too!

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