Australian Gold® SPF 15 Spray Gel with Bronzer

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Our bestselling Spray Gel formula with an added gentle Caramel Bronzer.

Australian Gold® SPF 15 Spray Gel with Bronzers

SPF 15 Bronzer Spray Gel is made with our bestselling SPF formula

  • These SPFs are certified Broad Spectrum, therefore they provide perfect protection against UVA and UVB.
  • Caramel adds a gentle immediate colour to your SPF for an additional gentle colour. What’s more, this bronzer works to neutralise red tones, therefore encouraging a golden glow. Bronzer washes away with water, therefore immediate colour will fade if swimming or sweating.
  • The Spray Gel formula absorbs rapidly into the skin, leaving you with no greasy after feel. What’s more, this rapid absorption makes these lotions popular with both male and female clients.
  • Antioxidant rich formulas
  • Long-term application leaves skin soft, supple and deeply hydrated.
  • Additional skincare ingredients promise not only top quality sun protection, but also a glowing tan.
  • What’s more, thanks to the Spray Gel’s breathability, this is popular with those who suffer from prickly heat.
  • Deeply hydrating formula thanks to natural oils, Aloe Vera and Australian Kakadu Plum – the richest source of vitamin C.
  • Water resistant for up to 80 minutes. We advise reapplication of SPF every two hours. However, this frequency should be increased if swimming, sweating or towel drying.
  • Paraben, dye, gluten, PABA and alcohol free.
  • 237 ml bottles.
  • Classic CocoaDreams fragrance is the same as many classic Australian Gold tanning lotions – And they smell delicious!

For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan!

Australian Gold is the most recognised brand of indoor tanning lotions. What’s more, the Australian Gold brand offers products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle and price point.

Dr. Alt, the original Australian Gold chemist, discovered by topically applying vitamins to the skin, the skin’s overall health and nourishment improved. On this premise, Australian Gold formulas offer advanced antioxidant vitamin therapy such as Vitamins C, E and CoQ10. Additionally, plant-derived extracts and exotic, premium moisturisers supply even more moisture and important enzymes for exceptional skin care. The results: darker, longer-lasting, golden tans and nourished, healthy-looking skin.