Designer Skin Charmed

Trade customers only

Not only are you sexy, bronze and fabulous, but you have a heart too! Every Designer devotee knows we ♥ our furry friends and we want to make sure every pet gets to live the charmed life! That is why Designer Skin is donating a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Charmed sold to local Humane Societies! So smile while you pamper your skin with this bronzer-rich and nutrient packed skin emulsion, knowing that you helped make a difference in the life of an animal. Beautiful inside and out!

Designer Skin Charmed

Designer Skin Charmed is a gorgeous Delayed Bronzer which Designer Skin has created with the welfare of animals in mind. For every bottle bought, Designer Skin has donated to different animal charities to improve their welfare. Enjoy a glowing tan, also knowing that your bottle purchase has provided a donation towards animal wellbeing.

  • Delayed Bronzers, Immediate Bronzers and MelanINK combine for a powerful immediate glow and deeper, developed colour.
  • MelanINK uses a natural form of melanin to also help promote deeper natural results for a longer-lasting, streak-free tan.
  • Oxygen Infusion also helps promote increased brightness and rejuvenation to dull, lifeless skin.
  • What’s more, a supreme skin-nourishing base of herbs, vitamins and powerhouse antioxidants expertly blend for conditioned skin and longer lasting colour.
  • Mandarin Grapefruit fragrance
  • 400 ml

Tip: This lotion has a similar cost per session to JWOWW Relentless, but provides tanners with added natural colour boosting effects for a deeper glow.

Designer Skin®

Designer Skin’s prevailing philosophy is “Nutrition for the Skin” and this mantra drives every aspect of our product development. What’s more, this brand’s phenomenal collections of dark tanning accelerators as well as cosmetics, bath, body and facial products provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of advanced skincare ingredients and superior formulations! Exceptional skincare. Exceptional colour.