Luxura V10

The Luxura V10 really is in a class of its own. What the Luxura X10 represents for lay-down sunbeds, the Luxura V10 represents for vertical sunbeds. It as meticulously engineered as it is visually stunning. A V10 demonstrates your commitment to giving your customers a premium, tailorable, tanning experience.

The Luxura V10

Not all customers want the lay-down tanning experience. Some prefer to walk-in and stand up. Therefore, it is wise to offer both a lay-down and vertical sunbed. Introducing the Luxura V10. The design: magnificent. The technology: industry leading. Also the experience: luxurious. It is as meticulously engineered as it is visually stunning.

The Design:

The Luxura V10 is available in Pearl White and Royal Red with different lighting concepts:

  • Pearl White Passion with flaming red light
  • A Pearl White Romance featuring soft pink light
  • Pearl White Cool with fresh blue light
  • Royal Red

The Experience

Two space saving double wing doors, open effortlessly and simultaneously. The floor adjusts to ensure that the client is at the optimum height for tanning. This maximises the tanning potential of the 50 evenly distributed lamps. Here at Cyrano, we offer 4 variations of the V10 which are listed and comparable in the Specifications and Dimensions tab.

IP Control

The intelligent supplementary module IP Control, regulates the power supply for the lamps. This helps to both increase the life expectancy of the lamp and ensure compliance to the EU reccomended level of 0.3 Watt/m2 and for UV-type III. IP control is capable of 25% energy savings.


Like the entire Hapro Luxura range, the V10 design prioritises owner-friendly maintenance. All parts that need to be reached for maintenance and service are easily accessible from the inside of the sunbed.

Still want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more, click for Luxura Hapro V10 Sunbed Manual. Alternatively, have a look through Hapro’s website here. Alternatively give us a call on 0808 108 7778.

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