Hapro Summer Glow HB404

£354.00 (exc. VAT)

Do you want to have that summer glow all year round? The Hapro Summer Glow is a compact, easy-to-use, home facial tanner, ideal for those looking for a gorgeous sunkissed glow all-year round

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Hapro Summer Glow

The compact Hapro Summer facial tanner is very user-friendly and promises consistent, golden results.

This home facial tanner boasts a 400W HPA lamp and soft tanning filter, to create the perfect smooth tan. What’s more, a parabolic reflector gives the light an extra reflection, which improves the tanning result.

Additionally, with a special tool you easily determine the optimum distance to the face tanner, for a responsible summer tan and less likelihood of overexposure. The 60 minutes mechanical timer is easy to set for the ideal session time for your skin type and needs.