getting clients in salon this autumn

Establishing value to encourage getting clients in salon this autumn

How are you getting clients in salon this autumn?

As summer comes to an end, the nation faces increased financial squeezes with the cost of living crisis and energy bills rising. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to make sure you provide clients reasons to visit your tanning salon. Although this could cause many salons to stock lower-priced tanning lotions, sacrificing quality for cost, as a way of accommodating the financial crisis, this may actually be counterproductive. Addressing the cost of living with discounts and continual promotions, could in fact, harm your salon rather than increase footfall. 

According to studies, 47% of consumers have already begun cutting back on purchases. However, 75% are still prepared to absorb price increases in food, fashion and beauty, rather than avoid a purchase altogether. With this in mind, it is essential to establish your products’ and salon’s value, not introduce lower-priced products in lieu of quality. Ultimately, discounting will devalue the products and services you provide, and lessen your margin. Whereas, adding value can lead to larger, more regular purchases, and increased loyalty. When discussing value, what we mean is demonstrating the importance, worth or usefulness of your service or products that justifies its investment.

How do you establish value?

  1. Demonstrate features and benefits:

    Detailing features of your tanning lotions, and how that can positively impact your clients will help differentiate your products. This also helps justify the value of higher prices. Below details different features and how they can affect clients’ tanning experience:


Body blush

A gentle warming sensation on the skin to encourage circulation for improved tan development


Prevent any discomfort for those who don’t like a warm sunbed. Leaves clients feeling cool and refreshed. 


Build natural tan development without reliance on UV light. Ideal for applying in between tanning sessions, as well as during tanning sessions to encourage a natural glow and uniform colour. Also a great addition for those with fair skin. 


Designed for those with oily skin. Leave skin with a matte finish to avoid the over-production of oil or greasiness. Prevent skin from feeling sticky.

Shave minimisers

Slows hair growth to lessen the regularity for needing to shave. Shaving can dry skin out, this therefore means that skin becomes less dry and won’t shed or fade as quickly for longer-lasting results. 

Tattoo technology

Deeply hydrate skin to help maintain tattoo vibrance and also prevent fading


Creates a sizzling sensation on the skin to increase circulation. This helps to boost natural tan development faster. Only for experienced tanners. 

2. Educate clients:

By providing tanning tips and pointers on how to improve tan results, you support your clients, whilst also demonstrating knowledge and building rapport. Once clients understand you are knowledgable, and trust your guidance, this will allow you to promote higher-value products, which will lead to improved tan results.


3. Make products and services relevant to customers and the time of year

How are you promoting and establishing relevance to your clients throughout the year? Just because a promotion works in April, this doesn’t mean it will be appropriate during the Autumn. Looking at your clients’ current situation and applying your promotions to their lives is the best way to accommodate them and ensure you remain at the forefront of their mind when thinking about tanning and salon services. 

Another thing to consider is what products work as year-round sellers that clients will consistently purchase as part of their day-to-day essentials? Having special products of the months are essential for promotions, but having consistent, reliable bestsellers are also key. A great example for this is the Hemp Nation collection. Not only does this introduce a new line of products for possible year-round sales, but the variety of products means that you have the freedom to change your stock frequently for a fresh take on the line whenever you like!

Additionally, Hemp Nation Tan Extenders can be a great year-round seller, meaning you can promote them in-salon for the following reasons:
  • To help encourage the longest-lasting tan, allowing clients to hold onto their holiday tans
  • Alleviates dry skin during the colder months
  • Boosts future tanning results
  • Can be considered multi-purpose as a premium hand cream, and also as a hair mask!
  • An ideal gift
  • Perfect for pairing with tanning lotions to provide value-added bundles instead of discounting. This provides salons with a larger sale, and clients with a memorable saving and improved future tan results. 

Adding value, rather than discounting, is a great way to encourage an increase in sales or salon visits whilst still remaining competitive, ensuring products hold their perceived value and not causing customers to keep waiting for the next discount. What’s more, once customers convert to using a Hemp Nation Tan Extender, these regularly become year-round purchases with extra being purchased during the festive period as gifts. This is thanks to Hemp Nation’s worldwide popularity, reliable quality and clear results.

Sales tip: The best way to introduce this into salon is to leave a bottle on your reception desk for clients to try. Once they have tried these products, and held them in their hand, half the sale is completed! This allows clients to understand the quality and value for themselves and make them more justified and reassured in their purchases.